Baby Hazel Naughty Cat

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  • How to Play ? : Baby Hazel Naughty Cat , Hazel\'s cat, but very cute, but so naughty and grumpy. Forced to make daily maintenance Hazel waiting for help from you. Katy the cat asleep at the beginning of the game is cute and naughty mischievous birds to wake her up. Katy will be very angry at this bird pillow. Stored with the arrival of Hazel washed doomed to Katy. Hazel took the cat wash and help lead the grumpy cat Katy, wash them thoroughly. Then the most beautiful ribbons and hairpins with dry and Katy\'s loveliness loveliness to the floor. Immaculate and decorated with tiny pussy gets hungry soul will want to fish. But it still restless in milk yield and Hazel Hazel cat guessing that you want to fish will feed it with fish. Cat playing games with baby Hazel and crankiness despite all the naughty but very loved cat will.
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