Barbie Cover Girl

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  • How to Play ? : Last week, Barbie was contacted by a reporter from a well known magazine and the reporter asked her if she would consider appearing on the cover of their magazine, Glamify! They have been following her evolution in the toy world and they think she is one of the most beautiful and successful dolls in the industry and for that reason, the management considers she would be perfect for the cover of the next issue! Barbie immediately accepted the offer, as she always wanted to be on the cover of a magazine. What made her even happier is that Glamify is her favorite magazine! She was told to prepare several glamorous outfits for the photo shoot and Barbie is going crazy trying to decide which outfits she should wear. So far, she chose a few spectacular evening gowns, some posh jackets and some cute skirts to match them with. After spending most of last week on this, our friend still has no idea if she chose the right clothes for this big event in her life. Give her a hand and enjoy trying on some of these amazing designer clothes! This is a game you will love and always remember!
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