Barbie Facial Day

  • deeksha pradeep Said in (17.11.2013)
    It is an awesome game.everyone play this
  • How to Play ? : Barbie Halloween feast itself after the home has closed. Struggling to complete their projects and do not want to go outside for days. To enjoy their sport at home and spending time with his dog in the sport. Can not find time to come on out to be a very busy and often spending his time at home. But our hero decided to gather together with friends. Evening trip to the heart of the fashionable entertainment later decided to go to go to the shopping center. Barbie itself feels quite happy today. First, to make our hero going to the hairdresser wants to help you guys. Unable to provide for Barbie days and help her to the beauty of our hero. Prepare materials and apply face makeup with the help of mouse hero. Then, after spending a nice outfit for her room, take the beautiful clothes. Selecting the beautiful and quite colorful attire prepare her evening entertainment.
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