Barbie Fashion Show

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  • How to Play ? : Barbie wants to dress up her clothes so she wants help you. Barbie just a stylish way to dress up and hair design clothes need to make the most appropriate way. Like a beautiful blonde that is worthy of all our own things and also it will fit you must select the dress. Fashion people are a fan of the lovely ladies will love them to be applied by the style , in this game you also change the style of Barbie as a fashion designer . Girl with blue eyes and blond hair samples are taken by. If her favorite color is pink. Therefore, both films, the need outweighs the pink color in the game . Barbie character in the game you are looking for fashionable clothes. Last spring fashions for Barbie , which will make preparations also want to change your hairstyle. Your task is to decorate it in the best manner and fashion, using the most matching outfits to decorate our daughter. In the game while it is very important to color harmonies. Even jewelry to outfit you choose will choose in an appropriate manner. If you like the dress, you also can decorate pants shirts with things like girls . After the game the game by pressing the Play button to login . Then on the left side of the screen you can choose the clothes you want from the chamber . There is a separate article of the button will change all of the girls. In our game is played using the mouse is not any rules . Just choose the clothes you will want.
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