Barbie Fashion Sytlist

  • Ka re la Said in (05.08.2013)
    Song is amazing !!!!!
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    loding nya lama sekali !
  • How to Play ? : We are here with a colourful and joyful barbie game which attract specially girls’ attention. In our this game, we are trying to come true our pretty character Barbie’s dreams. You must create the image seen in speech bubble on top of her head by using control panel at right side. But you must be so fast. You must make true the dream of Barbie before the bar on right lapses. If the dream disappears you lose it. If you can make true Barbie’s dream about hair, you can make true the one about clothes too. You are playing this time limited Stylist Barbie Game with mouse. Make true Barbie’s dream and make her happy.
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