Barbie Rock Climber

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  • How to Play ? : Where it is gaining Barbie beauty do you think? He loves playing sports hero, to date, the signature may have seen a lot of sport . Sport in but I have never met another . Barbies favorite mountain sports fans of the sport have learned that no mention . This is a nice play nice encounter you would remove the information . Our hero is a beautiful Barbie for fun with his friends put him in the car and belongings were prepared . This is a beautiful day, they took us to the mountain areas . Although they go to great big rocks to climb the mountain they did not give up pretty good . Posted in high places and the fresh air with ropes with a great big backpacks began to climb the rocks . You must understand the rocks to climb, because of his happiness . Barbie loves the sport of mountain climbing with his friends , and very ambitious, the more the merrier . We see even given up the sport of mountain fashion . Offered for you and your clothes in the presence of the beautiful exhibit opening . If you have nice clothes to choose him to climb bidahaki What do you think? PLAY key to start the game and you need to do to fix your makeup , hair style, you need to set . Then, after spending a good sense start to choose her outfits . This beautiful Barbie with the left mouse button to select the game you can choose clothes and dress up her most beautiful clothes . If you want to show your friends a picture of your choice on your computer to save the note .
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