Barbie Skate

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    nice game
  • sexy barbie Said in (09.08.2013)
    this game is so stupid i hate it
  • How to Play ? : Barbie loves to skate in the street wearing skates skating leg begins. However, the path chosen for it is filled with extremely hazards. You must provide the Barbie slipping accidents and making mistakes. Which prevent slippage Street Barbie skates, poles, cables, boards, cars, and there are a lot more obstacles. You should barriers to slide over obstacles according to the state of the road properly. Some of the barriers must pass under the leaning. These moments provide the control with the arrow keys, press the down arrow bending provide Barbie. Press the up arrow key to jump over the obstacles on the ground a little can. Skater Barbie game you can log in by pressing the play button after setting.
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