Barbies Birthday Meet

  • sevda and xadica Said in (10.09.2014)
    heloo this games very god
  • kavya Said in (16.05.2014)
    very slow !!!!!! BUT VERY NICE GAME
  • isita ajmera Said in (14.05.2014)
    i love this games very much
  • sanjada Said in (12.05.2014)
    barbies are so nice
  • sanjana Said in (06.05.2014)
  • How to Play ? : Hi girls. Barbie is making the preparations of a new birthday party. Do you want to live the same excitement with her and help her while she is making all these preparations? She is trying to find the objects which will be used that day among a lot of clothes and objects. But you must be very carefully and fast while you are doing this. Because if your time is up before you choose all needed objects, you have to restart the game.
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