Barbies Home Sweet Home

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    nice game
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    this is awsome game
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  • How to Play ? : Barbies Home Sweet Home , color in the fashion world , and our hero is familiar with the beauty of Barbie wants to help you all to move to a new home . Who lived under the old and the new home for the new home for items that are quite unstable, found a home in spacious and forest views . It felt quite happy with Barbie house with views of the sea and the forest heading decided to make room in the bedroom . Dessert was a bit of shopping in the bedroom to put on the beautiful furnishings . Barbies fashion clothes, beauty make-up to accommodate a large wardrobe and a big mirror wall has to do . But it is some sort of hero who had little hesitant to shop . Much loved by fans for the fans wanted to leave this pleasure . Thanks prepared to provide you with items pulled image . And I have prepared a room for you in this room Barbies chosen hero frame, mirror , curtain , sofa, rug , bed bases and bed cover items that have designed a lot like . You can choose the items you like and enjoy . Your hands to change the design of the room . How about a nice room Barbie design hero ? After the game, the Go entry and click the Check with an interface design beautiful rooms that you prepared . Then the Play button to login to the game and down by means of buttons in the bedroom to create Barbies sweet . The scores you created with you in the bedroom furnishings for audio you can get yourself more beautiful in articles . If your score was 100 in the Done button to see more simply that match your room . Evaluation intend Barbie room at one hero . Thank you very much for visiting her happy .
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