Barbies Luxurious Honeymoon Dress Up

  • kiegan Said in (13.11.2013)
    she is SOO cute.
  • How to Play ? : Our hero barbie has a very long and busy period in business. She joins a lot of activities as the head of fashion. She looks so tired. And she decides to go for a short weekend holiday with her boyfriend and decides to go to the sea. She loves sea and troughs so much and spends very good time. And barbie tries to crate new fashion styles during her journey. This time she tries the clothes which she prepared herself with her boyfriend on the trough and wants to be taken a photo with clothes which she like on her. Our hero bring a lot of clothes wit herself to the journey but now she canít decide about with which of these clothes she must go on her journey. In our game, click play button to leave barbie on trough and see her clothes. Try clothes one by one during your journey. Choose clothes from left part and drag them onto barbie then ou can place them to the place where you want it to be. To up or down. Use the rich collection of barbie and make her clothes more beautiful. After you complete the game, save the photo to your computer to show it to your friends.
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