Dog Expo

  • BRIZITA-FINE Said in (12.01.2014)
  • eli Said in (14.11.2013)
    So much fun i love it
  • darya Said in (25.07.2013)
    Hi . I m Iranian . It s cool .
  • anika Said in (25.06.2013)
  • kepera Said in (07.06.2013)
    it is coool
  • Riley Said in (12.05.2013)
    The poodle is so cute, and the shi tzu is also so cute!
  • Bob SHneibly Said in (29.04.2013)
    this is stupid.
  • Naliny Said in (27.04.2013)
    this game is so great
  • PHYLLIS Said in (01.09.2012)
  • How to Play ? : The event of the year is here, the International Dog Exposition is in town! You cannot miss it, and your very beloved dogs as well! So take your time and get them ready, make sure theyare gonna to be the cutest and the most adorable ones in the show! The judges wont miss a spot, so pay attention to details and give your precious pets a complete makeover before they enter the competition. Going for the first place? Your effort will be highly appreciated, no doubt about it!
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