Dora Fishing

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  • How to Play ? : Did you ever been fishing ? Are faced with fun and adventure sport lover . Fresh air, the sun and the sea together. Live in the sea s billions . What fish do not get tired of the taste of these creatures . She is very sweet and cute see kada may be very glad to get your hand on them . The elders went to the edge of the sea must have seen this . Some of them start with fishing rods fishing is great fun to get everyones stress and make yourself feel happy . Dora the delicious fish to eat today and live the beauty of the sea with the boat open. It has found its place in the sea and the fishing rod sea rod , and took an oath of waiting to send . But it s anything that I forgot that happiness . Or does not want to fish fishes fishing . Then you will want to keep fish rod wants to help . Dora wants to send to the sea fishing rod with the space key and the tip of the hook into the fish . Dora is very happy with these fish should be kept .
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