Dora Room Clean

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    This is not wrking i hate it
  • How to Play ? : Dora is a fun to spend time with his friends gathered in their own homes . And according to them had a great regard for anything . Played everywhere from the kitchen when it comes to business . Because they were open and they had to prepare the meal . Doras friends wanted to eat Dorada set about the construction of their meals and they could not find food in the kitchen . They were preparing to eat a lot of fun and laughing . Everyone wants dinner prepared and filled their bellies . Dora and her friends are together until the evening , afternoon rest went home alone at home waiting for her mother Dora . And when it comes to spending time with her mother gateway. Doras mother came into the kitchen to prepare dinner , and as a result faced was struck landscape . Dora is very angry and wanted to clean the kitchen cleaning and very fast . Dora could not make out the sound of her mothers anger and not noticed . Dora hero walked into the kitchen for cleaning . Places in the hands of the sweep vacuum cleaner needs to erase. Placement of distributed sites must clean the sink plates and cutlery. Then, throwing rubbish bin rubbish kitchen clean surrounding. You have to finish as soon as possible . Doras mother told me not to finish because of early . Do not play the game with mouse and false. You can put vault collecting points .
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