Eye Care

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  • How to Play ? : Most girls dream of a kid grows up to be a doctor . But the eye doctor that they prefer to be the most beautiful of medicine practice . What about our game to be successful eye doctor ? Before the game , select the customers you want . Then, in selected patients take Muan room . Patient to start the game when it comes to the practice in the upper right corner of the game screen the next click the text . Start by dropping the first drop of the examination . Then clean towel and eyes . Well as the measurement of the eye when it comes to the game screen using the arrow žaretlerini Align pupil of the eye rings . The next stage of laser operation . This is the appropriate number of eye glasses, glass test patient will finish successfully , letters, one by one until you see the sign clearly windows . Then appeared on the sandy plate numbers prove it sees how well the patient to write the space . The final stage will be the choice of glasses . And the examiner will choose the most suitable sunglasses patients face . Intimidated by this game because every detail is thought out very nicely to direct you to the game and come to the job with ease and allow you to enjoy the experience of being in the eye doctor . Make sure that the friends around you Muan . Eye health is very important.
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