Funky Nail Design

  • Isadora felix Said in (05.04.2014)
    I think this game is really funky.I like that you can put tattoos on the persons nails that your doing and you can make it look really cool and fashionitive I really like this game it\ s good that someone invented this game for children to play
  • How to Play ? : Anyone who knows anything about fashion knows that it is not very fashionable to wear light colors during winter and that summer is the best time to choose a crazy pink shade for your nails, for example. Your nails are very important and a perfect manicure can say a lot about the type of woman you are. Play our funky nails game and create amazing manicures you can wear all summer long. Try on sparkles and stars, little hears or funky flowers and amaze your friends with the most beautiful and creative manicure they have ever seen. You will have a lot of fun playing the game and get some great ideas for hundreds of manicures.
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