Gorgeous Elf

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  • How to Play ? : Elves are the most gorgeous mythical creatures in the world and their magic helps our planet breath every day. Every elf is born to a great destiny and they inherit all their magical powers from their ancestors. Still, before they become true elves, each of them has to go through a series of trials to prove their magic. Our gorgeous elf is old enough to join her parents in their battles and she has to get a complete makeover first. Butterflies are her best friends and they will help her turn into an elf just as beautiful as her mom was. This elf, just like human teenagers, must get skin treatments, learn about makeup and choose an appropriate wardrobe for her style. Because she is one of the natures magic guardians, all the skin treatments for her makeover must be natural and organic. The result will be the most spectacular you ve ever seen. Our elf girl will turn into the most gorgeous elf in the whole world and together with all her butterfly friends she ll make the planet a better and more magical place.
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