Little Mother

  • thyaga Said in (03.08.2013)
    i can t play this
  • sandy298 Said in (22.07.2013)
    i like this webside toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much
  • ISHITA Said in (14.06.2013)
    i cant understand what does the baby need
  • jerina Said in (11.06.2013)
    not so gud
  • jennifer Said in (01.07.2012)
    its a cute games but the directions r not really clear so if one doest understand then one loses soooooooo but i still
  • farnaz Said in (24.06.2012)
    cute but to slow
  • shia Said in (19.05.2012)
    cute but to slow
  • Allie Said in (05.02.2012)
    Really cute game! But the directions aren t very clear, so I have no idea what it means when the baby just sits there and grins, and then you run out of time and you lose. Like what the heck?
  • KEKE Said in (29.12.2011)
  • How to Play ? : This game is playing with MOUSE.
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  • Date & Category : 17.01.2011 - Baby Sitting Games