Morning Party

  • danielle Said in (07.06.2013)
    i love game!!! dany e darah
  • AMELYA AÇELYA Said in (30.04.2013)
    I Love Barbie.Thank You Make Comment
  • someone!!! Said in (30.07.2012)
    i like makeover & make up games :) :) :)
  • perdon Said in (11.07.2012)
    It does not have a lot of choices. To choose from and it mostly pink and red it needs more blue at lest
  • emilya Said in (02.07.2012)
    l don t like games
  • Sweet Girl Said in (02.07.2012)
    This game is very fine
  • COOL Said in (27.06.2012)
    Is very cool!
  • pooneh Said in (05.06.2012)
    me too. dearS.G.i hate pink, like you.but it dont need more blue.
  • S.G Said in (04.06.2012)
    I hate pink,& ALSO too much pink OK but needs more blue
  • defgg Said in (29.05.2012)
  • yorumlar
  • How to Play ? : Fascinated with the design look perfect in a different entertainment. Amazing clothes, necklaces, hair designs, dresses, cardigans, jackets and shoes to you, this design is quite mesmerizing. To do this, Play button, and an incredible show with the help of design and skyscrapers where the mouse in this game, use the buttons on the left section. The hero, which is the most beautiful clothes sleeping bag, in your idea. Done button to observe the differences you have made. Adventures in Good Wishes FreeGirlGames.Org.
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