Mothers Day Shopping

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  • How to Play ? : When you pass the corner, you will meet mothers day souvenier shopping center. You can go this fascinating store for shopping of mothers da yor only to buy something nice. There are last fashion and most trendy clothes and objects there. Don t you want to buy most beautiful gift of that stor efor your mother. You won t only shop in this store at the same time it will be offered you to be the store manager and you can t refuse it. They will give you a staff when you are the store manager. You must manage him. If you want to sell more beautiful clothes make the store more sightly and lead coming costumers directly to clothes. Little girls who love their mums like this store so much. Design of fashion clothes are quite smartly. Deliver their wants to costumers. Choose clothes they want and ensure them to try , if they like put them in packs and sell. You can buy new clothes and accesoories for your store with money you earned. Click play to start this basic and joyful game. And you are in a competition with other stores managers by points you got. Outstrip other manager owners thus most famous store in the world will be yours.
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