Prepare Your House for Little Nephews

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  • How to Play ? : In our this game, Laura learns that her naughty nephews will come her home in 5 minutes. She has to tidy up her home in a very short time. Laura needs your help about this issue. Because these monsters are very naughty and dangerous. They can heart themselves or each other. Firstly you are starting from the living room. Yo have to tidy up all dangerous objects because if you forget only one of them they can heart themselves just on time when they come into the room. And you have to play the section from the beginning. This time you must be more carefully and mustn't forget any of them. If you tidy all objects around, they come and start to play with each other. During they are playing, you must give them toys they ask fastly. If you are late, they start to quarel. If you can be successful in task giving toys, you will have right to pass next level. In next level you will continue game in kitchen. Fisrtly you are tiding up the kitchen before our monsters come. If you tidy all of them, you will start to give them they meals when they come. Because they are o hungry. After you make them fill, you can pass next level. This game which looks like very easy, requires a very big speed and careful.
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