Prom Preparation Nail Design

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    wow its nice . i like it.
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    this game is cool!!
  • How to Play ? : Who doesnt love prom? Its probably one of the most important days in a girls life, right next to her wedding day! Getting ready for this big event requires months and months of careful planning and preparation. Lets start from the beginning. First, you need to choose a dress. It cant be any dress. This has to be the dress. You can even name it, if you want. The dress decides every other aspect related to the prom, including your date. Just think about it. A dress with a train requires a perfect pair of high heels and the heels must get a tall guy by their side. After getting all this done, its time to pay attention to your nails. Its only natural for a young lady to go and get a perfect manicure for prom and our game is just what you need to get some ideas about the perfect nails. Have fun and enjoy this special moment, ladies!
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