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  • How to Play ? : Prom night is almost here, but a couple of our friends do not have an outfit prepared for this event you must dress for her now! Time passes away, and as long as they want in their stunning wedding dresses, fancy looking jewelry shop in Hollywood heels and bright. they are highly original, has everything you need to look stunning prom help them. This is a fun time management game you have a very talented girls, best-selling, these lovely ladies help you find the perfect look for the person who will be the most anticipated night plays a role! As a seller, of course, the main busy keep your customers happy and make them as soon as possible to the desired garment or accessory parts, will be delivered. Quick, quick ... The first customer was the only store you ... and see what he is looking for in order to get the most and then let the right items to the store do not hesitate to check! Customer will buy absolutely everything he is satisfied with the items selected, so make sure you remember to collect the money, you will need to buy new products to the store.
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