Purple Wedding

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  • How to Play ? : Kingdom makes a wonderful wedding ceremony in restaurant style. The king who loves her daughter so much prepared a wonderful wedding ceremony because of the princess wants this. Princess likes the purple color so much and this became a clue for him. King wants her daughter to get marriage in colour which she likes most and wants her girl tol ive the happiness in her hearts and wants to these feeling on her face. It is possible to be very stylish fort he bride because she has a lot of clothes and this makes her very happy. The designer have wedding dresses in colours which the princess like most, and this makes the princess smile. There are wonderful and very beautiful accesoories for the princess. You can adorn the princess with accessories which you like most. When our princess is very happy and excited because of all these beautiful details, there is an other surprise for her too. Kingdom crown is given to her. This crown was used in all wedding ceremonies in past. You must chooce a crown for our hero in this purple wedding. This beautiful game is being played with mouse. And you can make new clothe choices from the dishes buttons on table.
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