Survivor Adventure

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  • How to Play ? : Intertwined with the nature of life on the islands where we know that the beauty and challenges . This is a beautiful island with challenges in life with Survivor \'s breezes. Survivor islands in people\'s minds to the fact that beauty of life and nature has remained since. Lily survivor hero spends time in the islands perfect. He woke up pretty bad when you wake up today. She stood for a long time away in terms of beauty .Please give our hero spa treatments. It is necessary to start preparing materials and applications. Maintenance will consist of refreshment after our hero on his face. Then you need the Lily is making up for the ride. Hair style lenses with color lipstick and blush with makeup as well as many amenities.Choose clothes that are beautiful in your eyes and skip to the section.There are quite a lot of stylish clothes in the clothes section. Lily herself with this ride looks like a very discolored. Fine selection of clothing for our hero to maintain and completed with the help of the mouse. From each other and the magnificent beauty of nature where the fresh scent sizleride expect to Survivor island .
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